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There is lots of different literature with information and opinions online on how to sleep train a baby or toddler. It can be difficult for parents to know what to do with all the contrasting views, approaches and information to digest, all whilst being totally sleep deprived! Whilst some opinions suggest the only way to sleep train is to let a baby cry it out, others discuss the benefits of gentle sleep training. Conversely, some parents believe you shouldn’t sleep train at all and that parents should be completely baby-led and if that means they wake 5 or 7 times a night, then so be it. At The Daddy Sleep Consultant, we believe in infant-led, gentle sleep training.

How We Can HELP

The moment your newborn baby arrives is the most wonderful feeling in the world– there simply is nothing better. The next few weeks are incredibly difficult, often a complete blur, but you’ve never been so in love. The sleep deprivation is tough – the phrase “sleep when your baby sleeps” could never feel so inappropriate! But you knew this would be the case – this is what having a baby is all about. But it will get easier, right? Several months down the line, you’re still madly in love but sleep isn’t any better, for anyone, and you are exhausted. You know your baby is exhausted too, given how irritable they are at times during the day and how much sleep they’re missing out on at night.

There must be something you can do to get your baby on track with a sleeping schedule that helps the whole family to feel happier and more energetic. As baby sleep consultants we can help you with these issues with our gentle sleep training approach. We do not believe, or use, the crying it out method or the Ferber method. We will help child using a method that doesn’t involve leaving your child until they are ready for independent sleep, usually around 2 weeks into the programme.

How Does It Work?

Sleep problems are common in infants & toddlers, but it can be resolved despite many parents thinking there is nothing they can do to change the vicious cycle they are in. But what does The Daddy Sleep Consultant approach actually look like?

  • Firstly, we get to know a little more about your baby’s routine by collecting 2-4 days’ worth of routine logs. This gives us a better understanding of what your family’s lifestyle is, your baby’s current routine and the positive changes that can be made.
  • We then sit down for an hour or more and discuss your child and sleep goals in detail. 
  • Based on the discussion, your baby’s age and your family’s lifestyle, we will build a routine that works for all of you. 
  • We will then decide on the best approach for you based on your baby’s current sleep problems. The method used will always involve being with your infant at all times until they fall asleep. 
  • We will then provide you with our UNLIMITED support to guide you through the programme, making tweaks to the routine as and when needed, and remaining as your sleep consultant even after the programme has been completed.


What Is Gentle Sleep Training?

At The Daddy Sleep Consultant, we care about the baby and the parents. We would never do crying it out or the Ferber method with our own children, so would never do it with anyone else’s. In addition, this approach may help a baby learn to fall asleep, but it doesn’t look at other reasons which might be causing sleep issues in the first place, often leading to new sleep problems further down the line. That’s why we believe in taking a holistic view of a child’s sleep. This includes the sleep environment, the daytime routine, the night time routine and much more.

By working with us , we can promise you that you would always be with your child until they are ready for independent sleep. This means that your baby is never being left to cry themselves to sleep, instead receiving lots of reassurance and physical comfort from you. Because of the gentle and gradual approach to helping your baby learn to fall asleep, the changes are much more long-lasting. You will find that your baby falls asleep faster and eventually without any support required. They will be able to put themselves back to sleep more often during the night, waking only if they need something, such as a feed, and they will sleep better in the day. 

What Are The Benefits To Sleep TRAINING?

There are significant long-term benefits to gentle sleep training for your baby:

  • You whole family will sleep better
  • It helps children to fall asleep on their own without help from adults longer-term, a skill they will take all the way into adulthood
  • Increased energy and appetite
  • Better mood when awake – generally happier
  • Improved cognitive and physical development, most of which happens when babies are sleeping at night.

Make every night stress free with our sleep training programme

If you feel you are ready to begin a gentle sleep training programme for your baby or toddler, all you have to do is contact The Daddy Sleep Consultant or book a free initial consultation to discuss our 1:1 sleep package. Read more about the families we’ve helped in our Google or Facebook reviews.




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