Do You Worry that your baby will never be a good sleeper?

Our Proven method Will change Your view on that in just a few nights.

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5-11 Months Course
12-23 Months Course
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“We are currently on night 5 and I kid you not, he is putting himself to sleep for bedtime and 3 naps in the cot!”



If your child isn’t sleeping, its tough.

I’m Dani, co-founder of The Mummy & Daddy Sleep Consultant and proud mummy of 3 beautiful boys.

With my first child Teddy, I knew there would be sleep deprivation, but as the months rolled on it felt like it was getting worse, not better.

I was so tired I couldn’t even find the energy at times to get down on the playmat with Teddy. My mental health wasn’t great – I felt like I was failing as a Mum and my guilt levels were through the roof.

I knew I needed help. But where could I find it?

Everything I read online was contradictory. And even then, my baby felt different to others so how would I know the information I was reading would actually help him and us?

That’s why we developed our approach Comforting Through Change™.

It’s proven time and time again that it works, even for the most challenging of sleep situations.

In fact, we believe in our method so much that if it doesn’t work for you, we will refund you. No questions asked.

All we ask is that you give it 100% commitment and 100% consistency. If  you do that with our method, you will get the improvement you desperately need and you won’t need to ask for a refund.

And you will see that improvement in literally a few nights. Can you just imagine that…?

Better sleep for your baby and your whole family in less than a week from now. It probably doesn’t feel at all imaginable, but it really does happen.

“A few days in we noticed a big difference and now we have a little boy who sleeps through the night and is so much more settled and a lot happier when it comes to bedtime, as are we! Thank you for making your course easy to understand and follow!”


Watch one of our customers Lisa talk about her experience of our online course in the video below.

Ready to finally get some sleep?

Select your age-appropriate course below and start your family’s journey to better sleep now.

Special price of only €39 instead of €55 until the timer ends.

5-11 Months Course
12-23 Months Course
2-4 Years Course

What Else You Need To Know…

How will I access the course after I buy it?

You will be able to access the course instantly by logging in using the login button at the top of the homepage and entering your email address and password used at checkout.

Can I pay in instalments?

At checkout you will get the option to pay with Klarna which lets you pay in 3 installments at no extra cost to you. The first installment is taken immediately, with the following two after 30 days and 60 days.

Will I have to leave my baby to Cry It Out?

No, our approach is called Comforting Through Change and doesn’t involve you leaving your baby at ANY point that they are awake, until they are ready for independent sleep. In saying that, we cannot promise there won’t be tears along the way as most children – or adults! – don’t like change. However, you will be there to comfort them all steps along this journey which is important to us and to most families.

How Long Before I See Improvements?

Whilst every child is different, we typically see improvements in just a few nights.

What if I hit a problem which I don't know how to fix?

The course has a support hub with key troubleshooting topics and FAQs within it, which we believe covers most of, if not all, the obstacles you will come across. If it doesn’t, you can contact us directly via email and we will give you the appropriate advice.

We also offer a 30mins upgrade call directly with us. Details and pricing of this is sent to you after purchase.

But what if it doesn't work?

We believe in our course so much and have had so much amazing feedback – some of which you have seen above – that we believe it will absolutelu work for you. However, if you don’t feel satisifed – no problem at all! Just send us an email within 28 days and we will refund you no questions asked.
Here is what you will get in the online plan:
  • The solution to your child’s sleeping challenges using our proven Comforting Through Change method which will transform your baby’s sleep in just a few days meaning you will get the sleep you all need.
  • A detailed full day routine with clear guidance on wake windows, when naps should be and how long they should last creating a more calming and enjoyable daytime for the whole family
  • The ideal bedtime routine and how to implement, helping for a smoother bedtime and longer stretches of sleep at night
  • How to extend those pesky short naps so that you can get longer daytime sleep for your little, and can actually sit down and have a much needed rest.
  • Advice on how to setup your child’s sleep environment to stop you worrying that this is why they’re not sleeping.
  • It also helps you with common milestones such as dropping naps, sleep ‘regressions’ and much more which means you don’t need to worry so much about upcoming change. 
  • It’s packed with videos and tools to make it simple to follow at your own pace. 
  • A full Support Hub with FAQs and Troubleshooting allowing you to feel comfortable that all of the situations you could encounter will be covered.
Client Testimonials

Don’t just take our word for it, check out what other sleep deprived parents have said about our plan….

Here is what fellow parent Laura had to say about the course… (subtitles available)

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Simply email us to get a full refund for any reason within 28 days, no questions asked.

For just the price of a food takeaway, our sleep plan will help you will get rid of the biggest problem in your life currently. It will help you do the following:

  • Teach your baby learn to self-settle so you can all sleep longer at night which means you have more energy to play with your little one the next day.
  • Make bedtimes short and simple giving you back your evenings, allowing you to sit down and watch a movie or have a glass of wine.
  • Create a flexible routine allowing you to plan activities and meals more easily, meaning you can have more fun day times with your little one.

Don’t wait for the sleep problems to pass when you could fix it all in just a few days from now, buy our sleep plan and start making changes tonight.

Ready to finally get some sleep?

Select your age-appropriate course below and start your family’s journey to better sleep now.

Special price of only €39 instead of €55 until the timer ends.

5-11 Months Course
12-23 Months Course
2-4 Years Course


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